– Benefits and Advantages of Online Training Courses – Benefits and Advantages of Online Training Courses

I have come to believe that good things are rare which makes them worth their weight in gold. But how do you know when you got a good thing or where to find one? One way is word of mouth which holds absolute value over all else except experience. I have been a businessman since I was fourteen selling and vouching for my products and other people’s products throughout. What it boils down for me at this point in my life is that my success lay in the product I am selling or vouching for. I have had to on more than one occasion quit a company because that company was selling lies or fool’s gold. I just can’t work or vouch for something unless it’s the real deal and it must convey value and that is why I dedicate this blog entry to

Let me tell you a little about me and how I came to find because I think it’s relevant. While I was working on my undergrad in chemistry I desperately wanted to apply it outside of school and I asked several professors how I could apply aspects of chemistry at home and I always got the same response. It came down to doing research with a professor or it’s too dangerous to practice chemistry on your own so I naturally fell out of love with the field. I decided to not get in the field when I graduated and vowed that if I was going to go to school for something that I wanted to be able to work on it on my own time too. I signed up for the Master’s in Entrepreneurship program at Western Carolina University in the fall of 2010. That November I was ready to learn a new skill set to compliment the entrepreneurship program. I enjoy helping businesses promote and market themselves not to mention the thousand-and-one ideas I have had and in this day and age to do this successfully I believe you need to concentrate on developing a deeper understanding of computer skills, web and phone app development, graphic design, and coding. So these subjects I set out to learn. At that point I had no idea where to begin so I spent a couple weeks looking into how one goes about learning these complicated skills. Well after spending a few days talking to people and googling this and that I stumbled upon this site called At first I thought this was just another site. They wanted $25 a month and I didn’t know anything about them or had heard anything about them up to that point. I checked their site out and when I looked at the length of tutorials I saw things like 4:29:08 and I was like well what can you learn in four minutes on the subject and I thought it was a joke. I passed them by the first time around.

The next day I went to school and talked to a few more people and in my conversation with one of them they mentioned and how it was a great library of resources when it came to what it was that I was trying to learn about and do. Well later that day I decided to give it a shot and I signed up for a month. I hadn’t noticed the first time around that they were giving away a seven day free trial so I signed up for it. When I went back to that tutorial on HTML that I thought was 4 minutes 28 and 8 tenths of a second that I came to see it was in fact 4 hours! I was like holy hell. This was just one of five different tutorials totaling over 19 hours of information on the subject of HTML. On the complimentary subject of CSS there is more than 33 hours!

Well I have to say after the seven days my trial was up. I liked what I had seen and signed up for a month. After the first month I had watched video tutorials on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Adobe’s Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, AfterEffects, InDesign and Fireworks, CMS (Content Management Systems; i.e. WordPress and the like), SEO just to name a few. I was feeling empowered. I haven’t stopped being a member since because of the continued value. I was watching highly educated authors talk about their subjects of expertise and they did it in a fun and applicable way. I knew the internet was the greatest resource for finding information but what I found additionally with was structure and professional-grade instruction for an amazing price and possibly the best thing of all was that I could learn at my speed.

If you think about what education costs at a university or college for a degree in computer science or graphic design and compare it with $25 a month subscription at to learn the same concepts and so much more how can you go wrong? Nothing can be learned overnight and that is a truth understands and their tutorials are long but in-depth and thorough and have I mentioned how well structured they are? You might be someone who knows about CSS and don’t want to watch an entire tutorial well their video tutorials are built like a book. There are chapters and sub-sections of those chapters. Sub-sections are anywhere from two minutes to twenty minutes long but average out to be between five to ten minutes typically. When I need to remember one thing and go back I don’t need to watch the whole thing I can just go the part that talks about it. Pretty nice huh?

Now you may not be like me in that you are trying to learn everything about web-development and coding and design and so much more but you may be someone who works for someone else. Have you thought about what a little training in the virtual world could do for your resume and any future job promotion? When you filled out your computer skills in that part of the resume were you like me originally? Word, Excel, and PowerPoint at best? Well I’ll tell you what when you start adding more and more skills to this section, how do you think that will reflect on those future job opportunities? Future raises and promotions? I could throw in some statistics here but I don’t think I need to. Anyone with a brain can understand the value of that. They say when the student is ready the teacher will appear, and now that I have my own blog which I have designed all by myself with the help of, I now have the means to say what I want and vouch for who I want and I’m telling you if you are ready to learn something software or online related than you have my word that this is where it’s at. Click on one of the links or banners here and check them out. They offer a free trial so you got nothing to lose. I promise you you’ll be thanking me later.

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